Prime Redlands Office Space?

Prime Redlands Office Space

Have you ever considered opening or relocating your existing business to Redlands, CA?  Redlands office space has a vast array of accommodations consisting of virtual offices, executive offices, small to medium sized offices and even large corporate offices.   The city of Redlands has a very diverse economy that supports many different industries and employs over 12,000 within its local workforce.   A list of industries largest to smallest / number of employees is displayed below.

Citrus Center Executive Suites
Citrus Center Redlands

Redlands Industry Workforce / Numbers of Employees

37% Healthcare / 4,390
26% Manufacturing and Distribution / 3,119
22% Technology / 2,590
11% Retail and Service / 1,314
3% Construction / 349
1% Finance / 140

Can Redlands accommodate my business?

Absolutely, Redlands offers many different real estate options to house your new business or if your relocating an existing business.  The city of Redlands has over 1,582 acres dedicated to office, retail and industrial space for your business.  Additionally Redlands has over 26,000 (and growing) housing units available to accommodate its population.  For more than 125 years as a city, Redlands leaders continually set high standards for housing, business, education and recreation.  Prime downtown Redlands office space is available to accommodate any type of business.

Panorama Point Redlands, Business Space Redlands
View from Panorama Point in Redlands, CA.