Redlands Executive Suites

Redlands Executive Suites

For the independent or small business owner, Redlands offers a few different options to house your business at an affordable price.   Redlands executive suites, also called business incubators, often range between 120 square feet (sf) up to 300 square feet.  Private executive suite offices in Redlands are a fantastic starting point for any small business owner and a great step up from working out of a house or shared office space.  Currently there are only a few office buildings in Redlands that offer executive spaces from 120 sf – 300 sf.

Redlands Executive Suites
Sample of an Executive Suite Layout

Redlands Executive Suites Benefits

  1.  Prestigious Business Address – Provides a central meeting place for your clients.
  2.  Full Service Leases – You pay a flat rate monthly, have no load factor or quarterly operating costs.   Most executive suites in Redlands operate this way with the exception of separate internet lines (no one wants to share a slow connection).
  3.  Conference Rooms – All office buildings in Redlands that have executive suites also have conference rooms.   These provide a great meeting place for larger meetings or even presentations.  Most conference rooms have video conferencing, conference calling, internet connections and seating for 8-24.
  4.   Location – Most executive suites in Redlands are located within the downtown Redlands area and make it very easy for your clients and customers to navigate to and from.
  5.   Fast Setup – You can virtually move into or out of an executive space overnight, some office centers in Redlands offer fully furnished suites. All you have to do is bring your computer and files.
  6.  Free Amenities – If you lease a “non-executive” office space, you’re responsible for paying for utilities, supplies and amenities.  With executive suites, utilities and Internet (most times) are included as well as other amenities including coffee.  Free office amenities reduce the tenants overall cost and increase their bottom line.
  7. Networking Opportunities – Working in an executive space environment provides great opportunities to network with other small business owner and even the larger tenants and employees within the building.   Great way to get your name out and introduce yourself.

Citrus Center Amenities

One of the only class a office buildings that offers virtual office Space in Redlands as well as multiple conference rooms, traditional Redlands office space for lease, telephone answering, mail forwarding and many onsite amenities.  More information available by emailing, completing the form on this page or calling direct at 909-709-3781.

Redlands Executive Suites
Citrus Center Executive Suites

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